Dear Readers,


I would like to thank anyone who has contributed to information and knowledge to this listserv in the past. In the last two days there has been some conversation that is not appropriate for any listserv and will not be tolerated on this listserv. I realize that sometimes our passion gets in the way of facts and being rational but it cannot be shared in a way that is unprofessional and abusive. This is a  public listserv that not just serves you but some 350+ other readers.  There is a code of ethic that MUST be maintained at all times!


Please regard this as a notice to anyone who considers venting in an inappropriate way on this list serv. You must keep all responses professional at all times. Conversations that result in name calling, unethical, or unprofessional words will not be tolerated on this listserv. Persons choosing to use this listserv to harass, hurt, abuse or simply be rude will be promptly removed from this listserv.  Please use this listserv as a means to share useful information that is true and relevant. I hope that this message is clear and respected. I look forward to professional, and respectful conversations and information in the upcoming year.


I am sorry about a couple of readers’ poor decisions to share inappropriate words. I trust they will not use this listserv in the future for their personal and unprofessional agenda. In fact an apology would be appreciated to the group.


I am very sorry for being host to this behavior. I enjoy this listserv as a resource and hope everyone can be respectful and professional in the future.


Very Sincerely,

Vicki Morrone

Outreach Specialist for Organic Vegetable and Field crop Farmers for MSU

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