Sorry but I feel you  are wrong about hr 875, and you are wrong telling people not to worry about it, take a look at the words actually used in the bill and their broad meanings when monsanto brings us all in to court ( and they can afford it, but we can't afford to defend it).
The rep that introduced the bill is the wife of a major monsanto executive, the wording was broad intentionally so that later they can bring tens of thousands of lawsuits to force their issue in the name of the food safety act,
It is not the government we need to worry about here , it is what the multinational ag companies can do with the language in the bill to shut others down, if you don't think they will do it start googling monsanto court cases, they have already been doing it for over ten years and have shut down hundreds of farms leaving the property to be snapped up out of foreclosure by other multinational ag corps who use their systems .
The wording is so broad that monsanto could sue and close down any farm caught saving seeds and not following the mandated paperwork for organic foods, or any of dozens of other infractions that could be construed from the broad language in the bill.
Please apologize to the people and have them read the bill and call their legislators before its too late, local organic food would also see a demise if this bill were to become law in the present form.
You will now see the organizing small farm militias in many regions where farners will start banding together to vow to defend each others properties from monsanto, adm and others.
We are trying to encourage the formation of a lobby group to draft a referendum in Michigan - " A small farm, family farm, and organic farm protection act" that if passed by the voters could provide state protection from the Federal acts.
People need to take this seriously, this is not about food safety, this is about certain economic groups bent on cotrolling the worlds power through food versus the common man, Wake up and smell the roundup.
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