Hello, there are several "weeds" that are actually medicinal herbs we will
be processing for extracts. Things like burdock, mullein, plantain, st johns
wort, goldenrod, yarrow, dandelion and others. As time goes on we will need
to source more of these items from weedlots untouched by herbicides and
other chemical fertilizers and oisons like insecticides. 
Has anyone there at MSU to your knowledge taken a look at this aspect of so
called "weed control" these herbal preparations from some of these weeds are
really becoming mainstream products.
Also I was wondering since we are ready to start processing many of fthese
weeds into herbal preparations if you know of or could refer us to any
studies or programs that we could be involved with that would help increase
this knowledge base or help us with addtional infrastructure to study the
weed processing production and or the market for it as an additional revenue
stream for organic growers, seperating the weeds like recycling items for
sale to processors like us.
MIke at Creation Farm


From: Michigan organic growers seeking and offering information and ideas
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Subject: Looking for Farmers to give us your advice

Subject: Looking for Participants


Dear Michigan Farmers,


  Michigan State University is looking for volunteers who are interested in
participating in a survey to provide feedback on the development of a Weed
Identification Guide for Field Crops in Michigan. The survey and an example
of a similar Weed ID Guide will be mailed to participants in March with the
survey due back to the University in April. The example Weed ID Guide will
be yours to keep. If you are interested in participating please contact
Wesley Everman at [log in to unmask] or (517) 355-0271 x1223 to be added to the
participant list. 


Thank you for your consideration.




Wesley Everman              

Christy Sprague


ALSO Please forward this to other groups and lists that include Michigan


Wesley Everman

Assistant Professor

Extension Weed Specialist

464 Plant and Soil Sciences Building

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI 48824

Office: (517) 355-0271 ext. 1223

Cell:    (517) 898-7364

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