The physics ed research listserve is having exactly the same conversation about qualitative coding software as we were. Here is another recommended software program

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charles, the people I work with (who do a lot of qualitative analysis) use InqScribe and love it.  It's developed mostly for transcription and subtitling, but you can also code in it.  For the really high-powered coding business they use Atlas.ti.  I haven't used either, myself.


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On Mar 4, 2009, at 3:49 PM, Charles Henderson wrote:

Hi Folks,

I'm sure that ya'll have lots of opinions about qualitative analysis software.  I have not used any for many years and was not happy with the usability (NVivo) at the time.

But, I am involved in a project where several researchers will be analyzing open-ended interviews from about 20 people at three different sites.  So, I think this is the kind of project that these software packages are ideal for.  But, which one to get?

The three products that we are currently investigating are NVivo, Ethnograph, and HyperResearch.  I'd be interested in any thoughts about these or others.  Ease of use and the ability to collaborate between several researchers are important considerations.


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