Good morning to all-
I received a communication recently from a person who is looking for someone to possibly work into taking over their farm.  Please review the following information and if you know someone who is interested, contact me so I can give you the farmer’s contact info.
Our farm has been in the family since the 1800 hundreds. We have farmed here since 1975. We are older famers and are looking for a person or persons to help in the fields. We have over thirty years experience and lots of knowledge to offer.
We raise around sixty acres of high quality prod cue. All the produce is fresh picked, sorted, washed, and packed for market. We go to market three days a week.
We would like to someone to go to another market and help start a C.S.A.  We have good business and can't keep up.
Everything is on the farm, modern equipment, good land, irrigation, buildings, coolers and a rental house. But arrangements need to be made for the house.
We are open to different options such as renting a plot of land, or we can offer an internship, or to pick produce here for bulk wholesale price and go to a market and sell it at retail.
The option here is they don't need a lot of money to start. They could work on the farm for wages the days they don't go to market.
Dave Wyrick
Michigan FFA Executive Secretary
Dept. of CARRS, Michigan State University
Rm 108 Natural Resources
East Lansing, MI 48824-1222
FAX (517)432-5632

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