I invite you to the first Local Future event of 2008 focusing on growing
more food in home gardens by using permaculture techniques. The event is
Thursday evening, March 5, about half way between Grand Rapids and
Battle Creek in Middleville. I hope you will consider attending; we'd
love to see you there. -- Aaron Wissner*

Local Future Sponsors Permaculture Self- Sufficiency Event*

February 19, 2009 -- Expert Thaddeus Owen will come to the area on March
5th to explain the concepts of "permaculture" and permaculture gardening
techniques. Permaculture is a blend of the words "permanent" and
"agriculture". At its core, permaculture focuses on how to grow food in
a sustainable manner.

Permaculture includes techniques on growing more food, in the same
amount of space, without using chemicals, by learning to build healthy
soil and take advantage of nature's relationships. Permaculture focuses
on the use of perennial food crops such as fruit or nut trees and
perennial vegetables. These grow every year with little input from the
gardener. Effective food storage is another component of permaculture.

"Adopting permaculture in your garden could be the first step towards
limiting your personal consumption and planning your life to become more
creative as time goes by" Graham Bell, 'The Permaculture Garden'

Owen is currently employed by Herman Miller as a "Design for
Environment" sustainability engineer. He has a Permaculture Design
Certification from Midwest Permaculture and took part in the first ever
Financial Permaculture training course.

This free event takes place on Thursday, March 5th at the Thornapple
Township Emergency Services Building at 128 High Street in Middleville.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the event begins at 7:00 p.m. Seating is
limited, and arriving early is recommended.

Owen's talk is sponsored by the Local Future nonprofit education
organization as part of their Self-Sufficiency series. The goal of the
series is to provide tips and ideas for those interested in saving
money, increasing self-sufficiency, and improving the local economy.

The next event, on Thursday, April 2, will focus on how to develop local
currencies in order to improve the local economy and create jobs. Expert
Chris Bedford of the Center for Economic Security will screen his new
documentary on how to revitalize small communities by using local



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