We are seeking apprentices for the 2009 season on our organic blueberry farm. Pleasant Hill Farm is located 5 miles from Lake Michigan, just outside of Fennville and has been certified for over 30 years. We provide housing, a small stipend and a fair amount of food, plus a large plot for a garden. Interns would participate in basic blueberry culture, weeding, helping to mow, learning how to brew compost tea and other activities. The main work occurs in mid-July to early Sept when interns work on the blueberry shaker stacking (literally) tons of berries and then working on the packing line where we sort fruit. Because of the heavy lifting, workers need strong backs and stamina. Other skills that could be learned are: driving oxen, cheesemaking, canning, milking goats, helping with haying. We live off the grid, so can teach basic information about wind and solar and also are traditional Irish musicians. Interested people should either call 269-561-2850 or email us at our website: www.pleasanthillblueberryfarm.com Thanks, Joan
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