Hi Tibi,

I suggest basalt (Hawaii or continental) and anorthosite (perhaps contact the department at University of Minnesota Duluth).  You might be able to compare handheld spectrometer data with that from a telescope...then map the to published map...then speculate on a history...
I had a student do a lesson on the moon...I'll check when I get back to campus.

Steve Mattox

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Good veneing everyone, I hope all of you are doing great.

I am working on new materials for teachers about the geological evolution of the Moon and the Earth analogs (rocks and minerals) does anyone have materials that could send me? I have been working ont his for the past month and have some materials but I want to improve the Lunar certification using material created by geologist that works with teachers K-12.

I have all the volumes of the lunar science conference, some Apollo missions books, some great articles, DVD's, CD's but I am looking for something that has been used with teachers.

I am currently work with the AESP program in CA and being a geologist I am interested in getting more geology into the Lunar certifification, no just watch the video, see the lunar disk and then you are certified. I want to empower teachers in geosciences, and for  students to choose careers in geoscience and this will be a great way to do that.

Thanks for your time and help.

 Tibi Marin
NASA Specialist     
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