Julie and others,

Mississippi State University also offers students the opportunity to study and conduct research in geoscience education and geocognition during either the PhD (to begin in Fall 2009) or MS earned in the Department of Geosciences.      


Karen McNeal
Assistant Professor
Mississippi State University

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From: Julie Libarkin 
Date: Tuesday, December 23, 2008 4:06 am
Subject: List of MS or PhD programs in Geoscience Education/Geocognition
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> All:
> I am compiling a list of MS or PhD programs in Geoscience 
> Education or 
> Geocognition to post on my website. I have a list, but I am not 
> confident that the list is complete nor entirely accurate. I 
> would 
> appreciate it if you could email me if you have additions or 
> corrections for this list. Some of these programs are housed in 
> geoscience departments, some are housed in education 
> departments, and 
> some are in interdisciplinary institutes. I have not included 
> programs 
> that more broadly target earth/space/astronomy education on this 
> specific list as lists of space/astronomy education programs 
> exist 
> elsewhere. I think the growth of graduate education 
> opportunities in 
> geosci ed/geocog over the past three years is amazing! Well 
> done, 
> everyone!
> Tentative List of Geoscience Education/Geocognition Programs
> *List may not be exhaustive
> MS only
> Northern Colorado University: Joe Elkins, Steve Anderson
> Kansas State University: Iris Totten
> MS or PhD (I think)
> Michigan State University: Julie Libarkin
> North Carolina State University: David McConnell
> Western Michigan University: Heather Petcovic
> Arizona State University: Steve Semken
> Purdue University: Eric Riggs, Dan Shepardson
> University of South Florida: Jeff Ryan, Len Vacher
> Texas A&M: Bruce Herbert
> University of Akron: David Steer
> Take care and Happy Holidays!
> Julie
> Julie Libarkin
> Assistant Professor, Director - Geocognition Research Lab
> Dept. of Geological Sciences & Division of Science and Math Education
> Michigan State University
> 206 Natural Science
> East Lansing, MI 48824
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