Dear fellow organic farmers and educators,

I am attending a Farm Bill Conf this week in Indianapolis that is focused specifically on what the Farm bill has to offer for organic farmers. If you have any thoughts or questions you would like me to seek info please ask. I will then report back the findings and a summary via this listserv next week, Monday.

Some questions I have:

1.       How can a farmer access the storage support for postharvest that is being sold to schools? (there is wording to support storage space/facility for those that want to sell to their local schools)

2.       Will the NRCS programs accept organic certification as documentation for many/any of their conservation programs?   If not what is the format needed for an organic farmer to apply.  What is the BEP to make it worth the farmers while to apply for the programs.

If you have other thoughts and questions please send me by Tue night as the program starts on Wed.


Thanks and look forward to sharing the info with all of you

Vicki Morrone


Upcoming hightunnel workshop-Thur Nov 13 7-9:30 pm EST.

Also please do not forget the upcoming advanced hoophouse workshop that is available on line .if you have access to a computer that is connected to the internet you can see the program live on Thur at 7pm-9:30 , Nov 13 at /  You will need Adobe Flashplayer which is free software but must be downloaded before. It indicates it takes 2 min to download on 56k speed (which is a typical connection for dialup). Here is the link for this free software. It is needed to run the Adobe connect program that will host this hightunnel conference.





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