Dear Britta,

This is very interesting.  Your activity B is very similar to one that I developed and have been testing for a while.  We include more of the algebra for calculating whole-rock isochons though.  I would be interested in seeing the DVD you developed, if possible.  I am curious - what standards is this intended to address?  I only ask because I am working with several people to develop a proposal for integrating more quantitative skills into Earth science teaching at the pre-college level, and am always on the lookout for potential collaborators.

Eric Pyle

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Subject: source of lesson plans for radiometric dating
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>Hello Teachers
>I wanted to alert you to a great source of lesson plans about the
>*history of the earth* and *radiometric dating* for all age-groups on
>the EARTHTIME-webpage at
>The lesson plans were developed by MIT and the Denver National History
>museum, and contain great material to work with. You can go to the
>"Education overview" link to choose between posters, videos and
>curricula/lesson plans for 5-8 grades, 9-10 grade and 10-12 grades. You
>will also find useful time scales and other material to work with.
>For those interested in the posters or the DVD can contact either myself
>([log in to unmask]) or Prof. Sam Bowring ([log in to unmask]) ,
>we will send out DVD's and posters.
>In addition, if someone wants to adopt the 10-12grades lab day lesson
>about radioactive decay ( ),
>the EARTHTME people will prepare kits of materials for help you
>implement the lesson. Again contact either myself or Sam Bowring.
>In addition, we seek your input on this material - does it work for
>you? Is there material you would like to see in addition to this?
>Thanks for your feedback,

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