Ben Barlett senior with MSU extension is seeking some expereinced info
on no till drills for pastures. Do any of you have expereince with this.
If so please share by hitting reply all or you can call him too.

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Subject: FW: no-till drill for pasture crops

Hi all - dad had an interesting question about the pros and cons of
different no-tills... does anyone have good or bad experiences with
certain makes or models... Thanks - BJ

Ben Bartlett - Cheboygan MSU Extension  (231) 627-8815

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Subject: no-till drill for pasture crops 

Christian and BJ,

         I have a friend in Canada who called and asked about the merits
Truax vs Ackinson (sp) no till drill for clover and both large and small

seed grass.  ie timothy & brome
         Since the question has come up before and there are also other 
brands of drills to consider, Haybuster, Liliston (sp), etc. is there
way you can tap into the MSU forage team and get some information on

         I am sure each drill has it's pros and cons, ie fair for
not good in rocks, good press wheels but poor depth control etc.

         Any ideas on this would be appreciated.



Ben Bartlett DVM
Dairy and Livestock Extension
Michigan State University
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