Last night's newsletter included an item on a anemometer loan program to 
help farmers determine if their land might be suitable for wind power.  I 
have made a few calls this morning, and have since gathered a little more 

 - The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth has some maps 
depicting the wind density and speed at different heights throughout 
Michigan.  Although you certainly have sense for whether your land is windy 
or not, the maps are interesting and may help you get a better idea of 
average wind speeds in your area.  See the maps at,1607,7-154-25676_25774-101765--,00.html 

 - Here's a guide for establishing a small wind electric system. It outlines 
some financial aspects of setting up your own wind turbines, helps you 
evaluate how high your turbine should be, provides contacts for installation 
and maintainance support, etc.  It can be found at: 

 - Finally, a link that I provided you last night (the one leading to an 
application for the anemometer loan program) seems to be no longer working. 
After a phone call, I learned that the new link is: 

As well as providing the application form, this above website seems to be a 
GREAT resource for someone considering using wind power on their land. 


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