Hello to all- 

June 12th was a wonderful day at the Kellogg Biological Station- the weather 
was great, the speakers were fascinating, and the cover crops were looking 

We started out the day indoors, hearing five talks from professors and 
extension educators: 

Anne Verhallen, from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural 
Affairs, gave a great overview of cover crops' attributes in vegetable 
systems. Her talk was particularly attuned to the audience's interests; we 
had many opportunities to give feedback and ask questions throughout her 

Mathieu Ngouajio, an Associate Professor of Horticulture here at M.S.U., 
taught us about biofumigant cover crops in his talk. We learned about the 
biochemistry of biofumigants, and how this information can help us develop 
more efficient cover cropping practices. 

Darryl Warncke, a professor and extension specialist in the Department of 
Crop and Soil Sciences here at M.S.U., gave a talk about nutrient management 
using cover crops. He provided a lot of interesting information about the 
dynamics of nutrient cycling, and how understanding this can help us improve 
nutrient availability. 

George Abawi, a professor of Plant Pathology at Cornell University's New 
York State Agricultural Experiment Station, gave a presentation on cover 
crops' role in soil health and root disease management. We learned a lot 
about a particular soil testing system he is developing. 

Daniel Brainard, an assistant professor of Horticulture here at M.S.U., 
spoke to us about cover crop mixtures for integrated weed and nitrogen 
managment. Through his talk, he made points about the financial pros and 
cons of cover cropping. 

The powerpoint presentations of all of these talks are available at  A summary of the workshop is given on 
the main page, containing links to the presentations. 

For the second half of the day, we ventured out into the KBS Fields to 
examine cover crops from another angle. Just some of the many highlights:
   First, Sieg Snapp of KBS introduced us to perennial wheat. We got a good 
look at the wheat's roots, and had a discussion about the differences and 
similarities between perennial and annual wheats (e.g., gluten content).
   We also witnessed a demo of a crimper in use; this piece of equipment is 
highly useful in killing your cover crop by breaking its stems, yielding a 
nice green mulch! 

A few photos of the meeting are posted at as well. If you have any further 
questions or would like to have a look at some more photos, feel free to 
contact Vicki Morrone ([log in to unmask]) or Kate Leitch ([log in to unmask]). 
We'd love to talk about the meeting! 

Vicki and Kate

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