Sweetwater Local Foods Market is still looking for organic producers for 
the market at the music festival. It's a 3 day event. Anyone interested 
should contact Diana Jancek at [log in to unmask] 
<mailto:[log in to unmask]>   or 231-893-0323

See the press release below for more info.


*ROTHBURY Music Festival *

*July 3-6^th -- to Feature *

*Local Farmers Market to Promote Green Thinking Among Music Fans.*


Billed as a New American Celebration, the ROTHBURY Music Festival, to be 
held at Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, MI over the 4^th of July weekend, 
will offer attendees the opportunity to taste the "healthy, humane, 
homegrown" food of the farmers of the Sweetwater Local Foods Market. The 
Sweetwater Local Foods Market in Muskegon is Michigan's first farmers 
market to exclusively sell local fruits and vegetables raised using 
organic farming practices and meat, eggs, and cheese from humanely 
raised animals.

"We were thrilled to learn back in March that festival promoters were 
seeking an 'organic farmers market' for their festival," said Sweetwater 
Market Manager Diana Jancek. "After our initial call they immediately 
offered us the opportunity to bring our market and its farmers into the 
festival. Their invitation highlights the fact that organic farming is 
becoming more accepted and the food our farmers grow is becoming more 
appreciated and in demand."

Sweetwater farmers will offer festival goers a range of fresh 
vegetables, meat and cheese packaged as snacks, baked goods, and other 
locally grown items in a farmers market that will operate from 11am to 
6pm each day of the festival.

"Many of our vendors have prepared unique items especially for the 
Festival," said Jancek. "I think people will experience both great food 
and great music this weekend -- all the while supporting a green, 
sustainable food system."

The ROTHBURY Festival is the first in Michigan to consciously promote an 
ecologically intelligent approach to large music events. All eating 
utensils, bags, and other wrapping will be made from compostable 
materials like corn-based plastic. The festival is also sponsoring an 
Eco-ThinkTank of presentations, each day, on how to solve some of the 
important ecological challenges before us.

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