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In answer to Wendy's question, one way to get the word out to the larger community is to contribute your course to SERC's online course collection, and then tell your friends, colleagues, local teachers, etc. about the collection.  You can browse the existing ~180 introductory geoscience courses at

To include upper-level courses in your search, try this page (which I got to by searching the SERC site, then narrowing my search to information type = course description):

And if you just want to see information on teacher prep courses, look here:

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On Jun 5, 2008, at 2:58 PM, Van Norden, Wendy wrote:

Does anyone in this group have any suggestions as to how I can better get the word out to the larger community? For example, I would love people who teach teacher prep courses to let teachers  know that there is a model out there for a successful high-level earth science course.  I would also love to have university faculty initiate conversations with their local high school science teachers.
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