I have, with the help of NSF and UCLA, initiated a high school geology course for which my students receive credit at UCLA.  It is a rigorous course which contains the UCLA ESS1F course within it and it has been successful in drawing some of the better science students away from the all-powerful APs and having what is usually their first introduction to the Earth Sciences.   I am now giving workshops to teachers, hoping to inspire them to initiate a rigorous earth science or geology course in collaboration with a local university. 
Does anyone in this group have any suggestions as to how I can better get the word out to the larger community? For example, I would love people who teach teacher prep courses to let teachers  know that there is a model out there for a successful high-level earth science course.  I would also love to have university faculty initiate conversations with their local high school science teachers.
Wendy Van Norden
Harvard-Westlake School
No. Hollywood, CA 96604
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