I am also adding a walk in cooler at Giving Tree Farm.  I just looked in the 
phone book at Restaurant Equipment Suppliers and found a couple to give us 
an estimate.  If you find something better, we still have time to change our 

As for organic farm record keeping, I have a system that works for us and is 
easy for clients and staff to fill out.  The real problem for us is in the 
number crunching after it is entered.  I have been working on an access 
database, and can spit out lots of questions and answers, but I still have 
some gaps to work out.

If you want to contact me off list, I would be willing to share some of the 
forms with you.

Susan Houghton
Giving Tree Farm
Lansing MI

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> This is a very appropriate question to pose to organic vegetable growers. 
> I will post this on the Mi organic listserv and think I can get a hit. I 
> will keep you posted or you can be on the listserv too, target audience is 
> organic farmers, markets and educators of org/sustainable veg production.
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> Subject: Question for the Veg Team
> Norm,
> I had someone in the office asking about plans for a walk-in cooler
> in which to store produce, or about where he might purchase a used
> one. Do you or any of the Veg Team members have any ideas that I can
> pass along?
> He was also interested in a simple farm record system. Although I
> showed him the MSU Farm Record Book he was hoping for something more
> geared toward the produce side. Do you know of anything?
> Thanks for your help!
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