Check NSF, NASA programs ( go to student opportunities, somertimes you find there some fellowships and internships.
The organization of American States have fellowships for all the Americas (North, Central and South) you have to be a citizen of any of the countries of the Americas - I got one and it is a great opportunity to advance in your career, I will keep a note on my desk and when I get some information about fellowships and scholarships will send you an email.
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 I hope I was of assitance, 
Tibi Marin, NASA/JPL/SSA

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Subject: Graduate student support opportunities

Good morning all.

I will be entering a Science Ed PhD program at Syracuse University in
the fall 2008.  I was wondering if anyone has any leads on grad student
support opportunities.  My current research focuses on the history and
nature of science (especially teaching the theory of plate tectonics
form a historical perspective) and the use and development of models in
science and especially Earth Science teaching.  Any insight would be
greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Earth Science teacher
Earth Science DAL
Union - Endicott High School
Endicott, New York

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