Here are a variety of approaches to this:

and here is a visualizaiton of model data:


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If you wish to see an idealized version (without the influence of the solar wind), you can use Celestia with the magnetic field add-on.  The basic program can be found at and the addon at  There are a couple of tweaks to the add-on that allow you to show (or not) various field lines and particle pathways.

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Subject: good visualizations of the Earth's magnetic field?
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>Hi all,
>I am teaching an online course ( university level, 3rd year). My
>students are having a lot of difficulty visualizing the geomagnetic
>field, and making sense of how the declination/inclination changes
>Does anyone knows of good online visualization for the magnetic field of
>the Earth?
>3D would be best, and interactive simulations would be ideal, but I
>might be wishing for the moon... you can email me your suggestions off
>list, I'll compile them and send a summary back to the list-serve.
>many thanks for your suggestions!
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