Glenn-this is wonderful. May I have permission to use it in my classes?

Larry Davis

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> Good morning.
> I teach Earth Science in upstate New York and every year as we do the
> unit on WED, I complete a mural on the front board ustilizing humor and
> graphical models of some of the major concepts.  It seems to be a very
> effective strategy for my 9th grade classes.  They like the visual
> nature, and although some of the humor escapes them...most of it gets
> through.  
> It has been evolving over the years, and I have received many parts as
> ideas from students...and if you can get them to come up with ideas,
> which work, then you know their understanding must be pretty good.
> Mission accomplished.  I offer it to this group for your enjoyment, use,
> comments.
> My favorite part is near the bottom...The rocktafarians...part of the
> reggae list.
> Enjoy.
> Best regards, 
> flipper
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