Good morning.

I teach Earth Science in upstate New York and every year as we do the
unit on WED, I complete a mural on the front board ustilizing humor and
graphical models of some of the major concepts.  It seems to be a very
effective strategy for my 9th grade classes.  They like the visual
nature, and although some of the humor escapes them...most of it gets

It has been evolving over the years, and I have received many parts as
ideas from students...and if you can get them to come up with ideas,
which work, then you know their understanding must be pretty good. 
Mission accomplished.  I offer it to this group for your enjoyment, use,

My favorite part is near the bottom...The rocktafarians...part of the
reggae list.


Best regards, 

Earth Science teacher
Earth Science DAL
Union - Endicott High School
Endicott, New York

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That's what takes a real hero."
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