Just to throw in my two cents worth, check out: 

which provides a nice comparison chart of GroupWise 7 features to
earlier versions.  Also, with the new Outlook Connector, you can have
users who are more familiar with Outlook continue to use it as their
primary client software, even though it's talking to a GroupWise server
on the back end.  One major improvement, support for iCalendar format,
making it easier to export/import appointments from other systems, as
well as send appointment requests to people on non-GroupWise calendaring

I belive under the MSU ALA agreement with Novell, you can bundle
several Novell services for a single per-user cost, regardless of how
many servers you bring up using their software.  Direct any specific
questions you have about Novell license bundles under our Academic
License Agreement to Al Bray over at Purchasing.  I'm not running the
Outlook Connector, but I believe that may be an additional purchase.

What can I say, I'm a fan of GroupWise.  I'm planning on migrating my
GroupWise 6.5 server on Novell Netware to a GroupWise 7 server running
on SUSE Enterprise Server 10 with Netware OES2 on top.  If all goes
well, I'll be moving all my core Novell servers to SLES 10/ OES2 in the
coming year or so. Just my 2 cents worth...

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>>> Ray Hernandez <[log in to unmask]> 2/27/2008 4:02 PM >>>
As a Groupwise(GW) user, I think it is just OK. Groupwise doesn't  
seem to support caldav. This is annoying to me because the biggest  
thing I use GW for is email and calendaring. It locks me into using  
the GW client.

While the GW web client is, to me, preferable to using the desktop  
client. I find it lacking in customization. If we are serious about  
adhering to open standards, as I think we should, I don't see that GW 

offers us much more than Outlook/Exchange.

I don't think GW is a bad piece of software, but it could be better.

On Feb 27, 2008, at 3:45 PM, Scott Foreman wrote:

> I missed this post ... I couldn't agree with Don more, GroupWise  
> has been the most stable, scalable email platform I could ever want 

> to administer. Run on SLES or OES2 makes it all the better. One of  
> our Novell servers has been up for over 200 days, the last time we  
> patched and rebooted was for the daylight savings update in October 

> or November. I also heard at a conference that if you pay for SLES  
> maintenance through Novell that you could install and run GroupWise 

> for free but this probably works differently since we have a site  
> license. The GroupWise 7.x web interface is very robust and easy to 

> use, also includes calendaring.