The images for questions 2 and 3 are subtly different.

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Thanks for the link. FYI, questionnaires 2 and 3 are identical.


On Feb 6, 2008, at 11:17 AM, Scott Clark wrote:

	Dear Colleagues:
	Many of you received an email soliciting comments to and
participation in our research project that will look at how plate
tectonics figures are interpreted by students. (The original email is
provided, below.) Two issues have been brought to our attention
regarding our initial request for your assistance:
	1) I've received a few inquires asking for clarifications
regarding who can participate in this phase of the project. For example,
can high school students, university students, or international students
participate? We are unable to include any participants other than those
currently approved in our Institutional Review Board (IRB) application.
That is, at this stage, we can only include adult students at our campus
and professionals in the community (such as anyone on the GEOED-RESEARCH
mailing list). We are planning to broaden our scope to include national
and international students during the next phase.
	2) The attachments to the original email caused it to be kicked
back from some people's in-boxes - I apologize for sending such a large
attachment. The questionnaires and demographic survey are now available
on-line. They can be downloaded from Julie Libarkin's web page: Please send me an email if you have any
	Thanks for all of the early interest!
	original email - 
	Dear Colleague:
	We are interested in studying how well plate tectonic figures
commonly used in geology courses communicate the main concepts of plate
tectonics to novices. We would like to investigate if students can
identify where melting occurs, appreciate the pseudo-steady-state
conditions inherent to many plate tectonic illustrations, and reason
through how the image would look in the past and in the future. We will
compare responses of non-majors who have been exposed to the theory of
plate tectonics, Earth Science majors, graduate students, college
faculty, high school teachers, and other experts along an expert -
novice continuum.
	To help us validate our questionnaire, we are sending this email
to ask for reviews and comments as to the appropriateness and
effectiveness of our questions at addressing student understanding. We
are also looking for college faculty, high school teachers, or other
experts who would be interested in completing the questionnaires as
participants in our study.
	All comments can be emailed to [log in to unmask]
	If you would like to participate in the study, please print out
and complete the demographic survey and one of the three questionnaires.
You will need to mail your completed questionnaire and survey to Scott
Clark at:
	Scott Clark
	206 Natural Sciences Bldg.
	Department of Geological Sciences 
	Michigan State University 
	East Lansing, MI 48824
	All participation will be kept strictly confidential, and all
responses will remain anonymous. By completing the questionnaire, you
are agreeing that your responses can be used in publications and
presentations related to this research. To facilitate anonymity and
encourage participation, responses will be de-identified by a staff
member of the Center for Research on College Science Teaching and
Learning (CRCSTL) at Michigan State University before the research team
views the results. We estimate that the questionnaire will take about 15
minutes to complete. This project has received IRB approval for use of
human subjects in research.
	Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for
this project. We look forward to working with you and appreciate your
	Scott Clark, Research Associate
	Department of Geological Sciences 
	Michigan State University 
	East Lansing, MI 48824 
	[EMAIL: [log in to unmask]] 
	[phone (517) 353-4524] 
	Julie Libarkin, Assistant Professor 
	Department of Geological Sciences & Division of Science and
Mathematics Education 
	Michigan State University 
	[EMAIL: [log in to unmask]] 
	[phone (517) 355-8369]

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