Hi geoscied researchers,


A bit of advance notice: I've just heard that our proposed session on
Geocognition has been accepted for the 2008 GSA Fall Meeting. It will be
Topical Session Number 179 and the deadline for abstracts is 3rd June. An
outline of the session is given below.


Outline Description

Our comprehension of how students acquire knowledge, skills and
understanding about the Earth, and thus progress to becoming expert
geoscientists, is limited.  This session will present findings from
empirical research into how geoscience students learn.



The profile of geoscience education is rising.  This was clearly evidenced
by the increased demand for technical sessions at the 2007 GSA meeting, and
through the provision of short courses and educator receptions.  In addition
graduate, post-doctoral, and tenure-track positions with a geoscience
education remit are becoming increasingly available at US universities and
colleges.  In response to this rapidly expanding geoscience education
community it seems timely and appropriate to introduce technical sessions
devoted specifically to the growing field of research into Geocognition or
the process of acquiring knowledge about the earth. Geocognition encompasses
all aspects and environments of student learning including the classroom,
laboratory, field, electronic and virtual, formal and informal settings.
This particular session will focus on empirical, data-based research into
student learning in the classroom and electronically (e.g. distance
learning, e-learning, VLEs) as a complement to the proposed session on
experiential learning which looks at field and laboratory work.


I look forward to seeing you in Houston!




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