I have a question: is the transcription needed for research? if not check in your city with the American with disability, sometimes you will find services in schools, colleges and universities and maybe in senior citizen centers, just a thought. Also I want to know how long is it? maybe some of us can help this student? I also have a friend who does this for living, when I get more information about this issue I will then talk to her - thanks Tibi Marin from COLD North Dakota!
Tibi Marin

"Today the human race is a single twig on the tree of life, a single species on a single planet. Our condition can thus only be described as extremely fragile, endangered by forces of nature currently beyond our control, our own mistakes, and other branches of the wildly blossoming tree itself. Looked at this way, we can then pose the question of the future of humanity on Earth, in the solar system, and in the galaxy from the standpoint of both evolutionary biology and human nature. The conclusion is straightforward: Our choice is to grow, branch, spread and develop, or stagnate and die."
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Thanks for the tip! Heather

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Dragon Naturally Speaking does a pretty good job of converting dictation
into editable text.

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Hello geo-ed researchers,

Is anyone aware of software that will transcribe audio files from
interviews? A graduate student here has limited funding - probably
enough to purchase software but not enough to send her files to a
transcription service. Please send me recommendations off-list!


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