Hi Ann,

How are you? I took a look at your (free!) course material...and I plan to use some of it to jazz-up my own moon activity. Thanks-


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Hi Buffy,

For the lecture part of the course, I suggest taking a look at The Good Earth: Introduction to Earth Science, by McConnell and others.

For the lab, you may wish to check out my (free!) course packet designed for a college-level earth science course for future elementary school teachers. It is available at under Teaching Materials. It features a variety of constructivist hands-on lab activities.

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Subject: Geology text or lab text 

Hi there,
I'm going to be teaching a geology class for 9-12 grade girls next 
year. Does anyone know of an age-appropriate text I could use? Hands-
on, constructivist approach definitely preferred! (And quick! Texts 
have to be chosen by next week!)
Buffy Cushman-Patz
La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls

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