Another resource you might explore is a software package titled "GETIT"
(Geoscience Education Through Interactive Technology).  It is highly
interactive and focused exploring how energy flow (thermodynamics)
drives Earth's systems.  It specifically explores volcanoes,
earthquakes, plate tectonics (internal heat flow), and hurricanes
(surface heat flow).  It is used here in San Antonio by the Northside
school district, the largest in San Antonio. The website is  Also look at the activities list at  I use GETIT here in my
introductory classes to illustrate complex concepts.  Works great.


Stuart Birnbaum
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Texas at San Antonio
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Subject: Geology text or lab text

Hi there,
I'm going to be teaching a geology class for 9-12 grade girls next year.
Does anyone know of an age-appropriate text I could use? Hands- on,
constructivist approach definitely preferred! (And quick! Texts have to
be chosen by next week!) Thanks Buffy Cushman-Patz La Pietra Hawaii
School for Girls