Aloha BUffy: I would like to help you withn two textbooks:
I will suggest to look for one from Prentice Hall, my favorite is the one from Tarbuck Introduction to physical geology, I teach at the college level and this book is good one and well designed, I train HS science teachers in ND, and the book is Introduction to Physical Geology, I am not sure about other books that explain clearly geology for non-geology majors as good as this book does.
The other one I am using is by Reynolds from Arizona State University: exploring Geology Reyonolds, Johnson, etc, ISBN 978007-3256-511 by McgRaw Hill. (
Pleasee let me know if I you need more help, we can exchange ideas and I can help you with some lesson plans in geology, for 7-12 and 12-College level. I can assit you with some other ideas such as: materials, videos, rocks, minerals and hands on activities.
Ms.Tibi Marin, NASA/JPL/SSA
International Environmental Geologist
"Today the human race is a single twig on the tree of life, a single species on a single planet. Our condition can thus only be described as extremely fragile, endangered by forces of nature currently beyond our control, our own mistakes, and other branches of the wildly blossoming tree itself. Looked at this way, we can then pose the question of the future of humanity on Earth, in the solar system, and in the galaxy from the standpoint of both evolutionary biology and human nature. The conclusion is straightforward: Our choice is to grow, branch, spread and develop, or stagnate and die."
Robert Zubrin, Entering Space, 1999

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Subject: Geology text or lab text

Hi there,
I'm going to be teaching a geology class for 9-12 grade girls next 
year. Does anyone know of an age-appropriate text I could use? Hands-
on, constructivist approach definitely preferred! (And quick! Texts 
have to be chosen by next week!)
Buffy Cushman-Patz
La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls

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