Please note this is about what the USDA is proposing to have safe salad greens, including sterilizing soil. This IS not conducive to ANY organic system. Please visit the fed web site <>. to read and/or share your opinion. Deadline for review is today, sorry I just recd it too.

From: Sustainable Agriculture Network Discussion Group on behalf of Douglas Hinds
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Subject: Re: [SANET-MG] Proposed USDA Restrictions on Salad Crops

John Grimes of Country Seasons posted:

> I just got around to reading the Leafy Greens proposed
> regulations. ... they terrify me. Especially the proposal to
> "sterilize" the growing fields. All the work to get a living field
> and the feds want to kill them.

> I hope to you will take a moment to read the proposals and publish your
> comment on the federal site.  Remember tomorrow, December 3rd is the
> deadline for comments.


I am reposting the info Lawrence London included in his post on this
subject with a couple of important changes:

       Go to <>. In the
       middle of the screen, you will see “Search Documents.”

       In Step 1, choose “ All Documents for which the Comment
       Period Closes Today"
       In Step 2, search on "AMS-FV-07-0090" (without quotes ")

       Click on the folder icon for the first:
       AMS-FV-07-0090-0001 where it says: ADD COMMENTS (far right)

       Supply your own data and your comments,
       (Choose Federal and Agricultural Marketing Service)
       then choose NEXT STEP

That was as far as I could get using 2 different browsers (Mozilla
SeaMonkey and MSIE 7) so I'll have to send it via fax.
  *2) To fax: (202) 720-8938. *
  ** Please make sure that your letter references Docket Number

This is what I will say:


Proposal AMS-FV-07-0090 fails to distinguish between soil pathogens
and the beneficial soil microorganisms whose presence, activity and
diversity are responsible for the soil's fertility and which produce
substances with antibiotic activity against soil pathogens.

Proposal AMS-FV-07-0090 ignores basic principles of soil biology and
is not a viable proposal but rather, a proposal that deserves to be

Thank you for your attention.


Douglas Hinds, Director General
Center for Community and Rural Development

Director of Special Projects
Supreme Indigenous Council

Coordinator or Organic Production
National Federation of Rural Property Owners

Chair, Organic Pineapple Working Group
International Society for Horticultural Science

216 916 2777 (Direct)
630 300 0550 (Voice Mail)
630 300 0555 (Fax)

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