I would like to ask the farmers on this listserv if you would take a few minutes to answer some questions about conducting your own research or working with extension or private agri business with on-farm research.


I would like to develop some way to help farmers, researchers and extension educators  work more effectively to produce quality on-farm results and maybe even reduce the stress of the process. So if you have a couple of minutes would you mind sharing your thoughts…


1. What type of research do you feel has the greatest value to farmers? (check all that apply)  A. That was conducted by farmers and reported by farmers   B. That was done by farmers guided by a researcher. C.That was done by researchers on their research farm 


2.  If you have NEVER done any field research on your own or with a researchers are you interested in doing so? Please explain why


  1.  When you have done some on-farm research what were a few things you felt made it worth while for you and your farm business AND what are a few things you felt made it more trouble than it was worth.


4. Do you have any books or guides to help you with on-farm research? If so what are their titles?


You can send it to JUST me or to the group (hit reply all). I will not connect your name in anyway to your answer. If you would like more information about this topic Sustainable AG Network has a publication called How to Conduct Research on Your Farm or Ranch. You can get a PDF of it on their web site .


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