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The following provision is being inserted into the farm bill.  This
email is
from California Certified Organic Farmers.  --Greg


House to Consider Language TODAY, MAY 24th to Deny State's Rights to
Citizens from GE Food Crops:

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no State or locality shall
any law prohibiting the use in commerce of an article that the Secretary
Agriculture has-
(1) inspected and passed; or
(2) determined to be of non-regulated status.

Take Action Now! 

That means no state or locality can ban risky products when the federal
government has failed to act to protect our health or the environment.
primary intent of this passage is to deny local or state rights to
genetically engineered crops or food. This would wipe out the
passed by voters in four California counties and two cities, and the
California Rice Certification Act, which prohibits the introduction of
rice varieties without state approval. Local and state laws pertaining
to GE
crops have also been passed in Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine,
Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont,
Washington and Wisconsin. All of these democratically enacted laws are
threatened by this language.

The biotech industry and big agribusiness have been trying to push
bills in dozens of states across the country, and also at the Federal
with last year's so-called "Food Uniformity" bill. Now they want to
sneak it
into a committee hearing and hide it in the Farm Bill. 

The members of the committee need to hear from all of us NOW! The
starts at 10am EST THURSDAY, MAY 24TH so we need to contact our
Representatives immediately and tell them we oppose ANY language in the
Bill that would pre- empt local or state regulations on food or

Contact your representatives:

Leonard Boswell, Chairman, Iowa - Phone: (202) 225-3806 Fax: (202)
Kirsten Gillibrand, New York - P (202) 225-5614 F (202) 225-1168
Steve Kagen, Wisconsin - P (202) 225-5665 F (202) 225-5729
Tim Holden, Pennsylvania - P (202) 225-5546 F (202) 226-0996
Joe Baca, California - None Listed
Dennis Cardoza, California - P (202) 225-6131 F (202) 225-0819
Nick Lampson, Texas - P (202) 225-5951 F (202) 225- 5241
Joe Donnelly, Indiana - P (202) 225-3916 F (202) 225- 5241
Jim Costa, California - P (202) 225-3341 F (202) 225- 9308
Tim Mahoney, Florida - P (202) 225-5792 F (202) 225- 3132
Robin Hayes, North Carolina - P (202) 225-3715 F (202) 225-4036
Mike Rogers, Alabama - P (202) 225-3261 F (202) 226- 8485
Steve King, Iowa - P (202) 225-4426 F (202) 225- 3193
Virginia Foxx, North Carolina - P (202) 225-2071 F (202) 225-2995
K. Michael Conaway, Texas - P (202) 225-3605 F (202) 225-1713
Jean Schmidt, Ohio - P (202) 225-3164 F (202) 226- 1992
Adrian Smith, Nebraska - P (202) 225-6435 F (202) 225-0207
Tim Walberg, Michigan - P (202) 225-6276 F (202) 225-6281 

Thank You! Your action will help protect the future of our families,
environment and economy from the devastating effects of genetic

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