Greetings farmers,

You probably won’t get to read this until the next rainy day but a colleague from New York (Cornell University) has asked me to share this with you, hoping you can answer a few questions to indicate your observations and problems related to pollinators on your farm. He is writing a SARE grant to do some research with farmers in the North Central Region. If there is interest in Michigan for a similar project I would be happy to work with you to develop a Research or Farmer/Producer proposal through SARE.

Here are the questions and you can email your results to him, Robert Hadad directly at  [log in to unmask]edu. If you are interested in doing something similar in Michigan then please include me in your responses ([log in to unmask])

Here is his note:

> I am working on developing a research project that would investigate
> the deliberate attraction of beneficial insects (and other organisms)
> - including native pollinators, through the use of particular cultural
> practices on organic farms. Getting some feedback from farmers will
> help me assess the need for doing this research as well strengthen the
> proposal when submitted.
> If you could answer each question and then email the survey back to me
> off line, I would be greatly appreciative of your effort.
> Thanks.
> Robert
> 1) What types of insect pests are your worst problems on either fruit or
> vegetables, please specify which crop/pest.
> 2) What type of control method(s) do you currently use?
> 3)Do you use any method or practice to attract beneficials to your field
> plots? What are they?
> 4)Do you think the problem of declining honey bee population will be a
> problem for you this season? Do you normally see many honeybees
> visiting your crops?
> 5)Are you familiar with identification of beneficial insects and other
> creatures) Are you familiar with recognizing native pollinators?
> 6) If funded, this project will be looking for farmers to participate in
> on-farm research dealing with establishing seasonal (and maybe
> semi-permanent) beneficial habitats to attract beneficials to fields and
> monitoring pest pressure. Would you be interested in hearing more about
> this project and maybe take part? (or interested in doing something similar in Michigan)
> Thanks for your help.
> Robert Hadad
> Cornell Vegetable Program Specialist
> Niagara Co. CCE
> 4487 Lake Ave.
> Lockport, NY 14094
> 585-739-4065
> [log in to unmask]edu


Vicki Morrone

Organic Vegetable and Crop Outreach Specialist

Michigan State University

C.S. Mott Sustainable Food Systems

303 Natural Resources Bldg.

East Lansing, MI 48824


517-282-3557 (cell)

517-353-3834 (fax)

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