Any of you seeking a chance to farm in Mi? Please read on





I wanted to share some information with you about farmers who are looking to transition out of agriculture and who would like to identify someone younger to work with them with the possibility of developing a buy-out agreement.  Rose and her husband are seasonal vendors at the Kalamazoo Farmers' Market.  She recently attended a workshop for farmers' market vendors that MSU sponsored and she told me of their interest in finding someone who would continue farming their land. I asked her to write a brief description that I could share, and here it is.  I suggest that we share this selectively with people who are looking for an opportunity to get into this type of farming.

Thanks very much.


Scobey's Produce
387 139 the. Ave
Wayland, Mi.
1   269- 792-9216

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We have a 75  acre vegetable farm by Wayland. With irrigation, cooler, pole buildings, modern equipment, and a rental house with garage. We now raise 50 acres of vegetables. If you like you can pick vegetables here at a price, so you can sell them  for a good profit. Also you can work here at what ever needs to get done. In your extra time for an hourly wage. Based on your ability and skills. If you enjoy this way of life, of farming, picking,  and selling. There is a chance of a partner-ship or maybe buying us out. We have 30 years of experience and knowledge to share with you.
Give yourself and chance come and visit.
Good food, fresh air and lots of sun shine and the best customer in the world.


Thomas Cary


Sustainable Agriculture & Local Food Systems


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