19. Permaculture Design Course 2007

in the Ohio Valley*

July 6-14 *


*Section I - Permaculture Fundamentals*


*near. Athens, Ohio*


*August 24 - September 1*


*Section II - Design Practicum*


*Loveland, Ohio, nr. Cincinnati*


* *

The course that's been called "life-changing, transformative, and
enormously affirming."/


* *


Join us as we map the terrain of a low-energy, high-satisfaction future
in the historic and ecologically diverse Ohio Valley. Empower yourself
with the skills of ecological design as we search for the roots of
permanent culture.


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*sponsored by*


*Association for Regenerative Culture*


*Contact Peter Bane * 812-335-0383 * [log in to unmask]*


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*What is Permaculture?*


Consciously designed landscapes which mimic the patterns and
relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food,
fiber, and energy for provision of local needs. People, their buildings
and the ways in which they organize themselves are central to
permaculture. Thus the permaculture vision of permanent or sustainable
agriculture has evolved into one of permanent or sustainable culture.




*Who Benefits*


Gardeners, farmers, homeowners, and prospective buyers of land and homes
will benefit from the energy-saving and productive insights of
permaculture, while student and professionals in the fields of ecology,
agronomy, resource management, architecture, and planning will find
their work enlivened by the holistic and interdisciplinary perspective
of the course. Community development and aid workers, rela estate
brokers, municipal officials, and religious leaders will find practical
and creative applications for permaculture design in their respective
fields of endeavor.




*Ohio Valley Locations*


* Near Athens in SE Ohio, the United Plan Savers Sanctuary provides
simple rooms or camping in a beautiful forested setting. Bed & Breakfast
lodging is also available nearby. Academic credit may be arranged for
this section through Hocking College.


* Near Cincinnati, Grailville at Loveland is the national center of The
Grail, an international women's spiritual association, and home of
Heartland Ecovillage, now in development. The 300-acre site features
youth education, a residential community, constructed wetland wastewater
treatment, and a spacious and complete campus set amid rolling woods and






We will enjoy the best organic and locally grown foods of this diverse
region, expertly prepared.






Each section is $475, or $895 for Fundamentals + Practicum: Tuition,
meals, and materials included. Lodging options vary. On-site lodging is

extra: in the rustic setting near Athens we offer camping at $20 and a
limited number of indoor beds in shared rooms at $95 for the
Fundamentals course. At Grailville, lodging is available in semi-private
rooms at $220. A limited number of work-trade scholarships and guild
discounts may be available by application. See our on-line page at or contact Peter Bane at 812-335-0383,
[log in to unmask] A certificate of apprenticeship in
Permaculture Design is awarded on completion of both sections.






*Permaculture Fundamentals*


An unparalleled opportunity to experience world-class instruction, this
course presents the elements of natural and cultivated sytems in the
permaculture curriculum, covering the following:


             * Ethics & Principles


             * Observation and Patterns in Nature


             * Climate & Biogeography


             * Ecosystems


             * Water in the Landscape


             * Forests & Trees


             * Building Healthy Soils


             * Zone & Sector Design


             * The Home System


             * Natural Building and Energy Design


             * Microclimates


             * Animals & Aquaculture


             * Gardens & Plants


             * Appropriate Technology


             * Human Settlements


             * Local Economics


             * Mapping


             * Design for Fire & Catastrophe


             * Waste Cycling




*Permaculture Practicum*


This training in practical design for properties and human settlements
will cover site assessment, pattern languages, broadscale landscapes,
community and social design, map making, and presentation. The
rural-to-suburban Grailville site encompasses education, ecovillage
planning, and preparation for the 10th Continental Bioregional Congress
on the edge of a large metropolitan region.






*Peter Bane* for the past 16 years has published /Permaculture Activist,
/now the world's longest-running permaculture journal. He holds the
Permaculture Diploma, and since 1992 has trained over 900 students in
locales from Canada to Patagonia. A co-founder and planner of Earthaven
Ecovillage in the N.C. Blue Ridge, where he designed and built his own
passive solar, off-grid natural home, Peter serves as Vice-President of
the Assn. for Regenerative Culture. He is helping to create a network of
20 "soaking centers " across the eastern US. He lives in Bloomington,




*Keith Johnson* has gardened for over 30 years from northern New
Hampshire to subtropical California to southern Indiana and the southern
Appalachians. For half that time he has applied permaculture, growing
and propagating thousands of varieties of plants, and maintaining a
large collection of seeds. He has worked as a journalist, chimneysweep,
gourmet chef, bodyworker, webmaster, and orchardist, and founded Sonoma

(Calif.) Permaculture. Keith has also managed a design, consulting, and
construction company specializing in masonry, earth repair, food
forestry, and runoff management.




*Rhonda Baird* has been a labor organizer and a student of religion. A
working mother and fiber artist, she took teacher training at the
Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, and is now writing
curriculum as she teaches permaculture to young children. In 2006 she
launched the Bloomington-area Permaculture Guild. Her current projects
include designing a food landscape and living roof for Middleway House,
a women's shelter, raising rabbits, and home-schooling her five-year old




*Scott Horton* is the editor of /Permaculture Activist, /a landscape
artist, musician, and a working designer. He teaches at the Ecovillage
Training Center in Tennessee, in the highlands of central Mexico, and in
his native southern California. He lives in the San Jacinto Mountains
near Palm Springs.




*Andrew Goodheart Brown *is a naturalist, raconteur, and an urban farmer
in Asheville, North Carolina, where he makes brooms, ferments beer and
wine, bakes bread, and cooks a wide assortment of fine foods. A
permaculture teacher since 1995, he has trained farmers in sustainable
agriculture in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, south Asia, Latin America,
and central Africa. Andrew was awarded his M.S. in Ecology by the
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.


Peter Bane (publisher of "Permaculture Activist") will host permaculture
workshops in Ohio this summer, and will also be in Columbus and Athens
in April for free public talks. Check it out! - Anne 



Assn. for Regenerative Culture 

Peter Bane, Vice President 

April 2007 


Permaculture offers many locally appropriate solutions to the complex
worldwide problems posed by pollution and resource depletion. Teaching
people everywhere to take responsibility for food, water, energy, and
economic security is the most powerful means to reduce the human
footprint on our beleaguered planet. 


We are offering the internationally recognized curriculum in
permaculture design for the first time in Ohio at two locations this
summer: July 6-14 near Athens, and August 24-Sept. 1 at Loveland, near
Cincinnati. Cost is $475 for the week course which includes, course,
materials and meals. Various lodging options are available in addition
to this cost. A parallel program concluding this month near
Charlottesville, Virginia, has attracted unprecedented interest. 


This course, which has been taught to hundreds of thousands worldwide,
has been called "transformative," and "life-changing." Certainly, for
those aware of the urgent nature of the planetary crisis we face, this
training in holistic ecological design will be empowering. 


We ask your help in spreading the word. Please pass this e-flyer along
to colleagues, your staff, students in your institution, or other
members of your constituency. Our work is not-for-profit, offered at
moderate cost, and applicable to people from all walks of life. Consider
investing in training for key individuals in your organization.
Donations for scholarship are welcome, are tax-deductible, and may be
directed to Permaculture Scholarships-ARC, PO Box 1303, Waynesville, NC.


For further details on the course visit: 

For an expanded view of permaculture: 

For inquiries write: [log in to unmask] 



Vicki Morrone

Organic Vegetable and Crop Outreach Specialist

Michigan State University

C.S. Mott Sustainable Food Systems

303 Natural Resources Bldg.

East Lansing, MI 48824


517-282-3557 (cell)

517-353-3834 (fax)



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