As I was reading this week’s Crop News Weekly (Feb 21) I was commenting on how 7/8 of the articles are on ethanol and questioning the values and long term “opportunity”. Then I read the Editors’ letter and think he addressed some good points, even if he did not mention how this will impact organic corn (which is a whole other important issue). But read for yourself and Please share your comments with the group (hit reply all) on the fate of ethanol production, maybe in your own town.


Editor’s Note

Logan Hawkes
02/21/2007    Crop News Weekly
There continues to be a mix of optimism and careful reluctance when it comes to the issue of the 2007 corn boom. On one end of the argument we are being told we can't plant enough corn this year to fuel the ethanol plants and the need for raw material to produce farm-based alternative fuels. On the other end of the argument we're being warned that the raw material ethanol market is changing too fast for us to simply jump on the corn bandwagon and switch our crops around in anticipation of the market boom. It seems each week we're flooded with arguments both pro and con about changing our crop over to corn, and for the farmer who is thinking seriously about making such a change, it's all getting rather confusing. On one hand, who wants to be left behind when it appears the market is going to be begging for more raw material in the very near future? But then who wants to be among the thousands that do answer the call if the market fails to reach its potential? The answer is elusive at best and depends on so many variables. Will the spotlight remain on corn-based ethanol or will Congress push for accelerated cellulosic technology development which could put a lid on the attractive corn market? It's an issue that many of us are pondering and one that will, no doubt, continue to evolve as we struggle with the decision to produce more corn acres.


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