ATTRA Funding in Jeopardy - Calls Needed!

For twenty years, the Appropriate Technology Transfer
for Rural Areas (ATTRA) program has been one of the
most reliable sources of information for farmers and
others on a wide variety of agronomic, livestock, organic,
marketing, farm energy, and entrepreneurial questions.

This week Congress announced its plan to completely cut
the program. ATTRA is an extraordinarily efficient
program.  Though it has remained at the FY02 funding level
of $2.5 million, the demand for its services increases
annually, with 35,000 technical requests last year, and
over 2.6 million unique visitors to its website and more than
1 million publications downloaded or viewed.

You can help by calling your Senator and Congressperson
and saying that ATTRA is a valuable source of information
on sustainable practices and shouldn't be cut.
Call right now, as Congress is acting quickly.  Just call
your Senator/Congressperson (Senator Reid for Nevadans,
tollfree at 866-736-7343, and for Californians,
Senator Feinstein at 202-224-3841. For other states, the
Congressional switchboard phone number is 202-224-3121.)
and leave the following message with their aide who handles
agricultural issues: The message is simple.

"Please ask Senator/Congressperson  ___ to
insist on restoring full funding to the ATTRA program
to the 2006 level ($2.5 million) for 2007 and 2008."
You might add a personal anecdote if you are a farmer
who has used ATTRA services.

For more information on ATTRA, see



Vicki Morrone

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