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Subject: wfan list> Sustainable Farm Insurance, Wildness Symposium, "stuff"
Date: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 6:45 PM
WFAN friends,
Some of you may want to look into the insurance
program outlined below -- hopes it's as promising as
it's being promoted.
Please do look at the Wildness Symposium schedule at
the link Mary Swander sent earlier today.  It looks
very interesting.  Hey, you might even get to dance
with me if you come to the barn dance.  Can't say you
weren't warned!
Besides Julia and Andy tommorrow, the GPSA colloquium
this semester has other interesting speakers.  Kamyar,
for instance, is here Feb. 23 and Ken Meter April 11.
Go to the GPSA homepage, click on colloquium for the
full schedule.
Terry Gross is lecturing/fielding questions at CY
Stephens at 8 April 11, Wendell Berry and daughter
Mary are here re Leopold April 15 at 7 in Union Sun
Room, and Cynthia Rosenzweig speaks on global warming
at this year's Pesek lecture Feb. 28 at in the Sun
Lots of other interesting lectures too.  Access the
lectures program, by clicking L from ISU homepage.
How am I suppose to get anything done?
keep warm     merlin 

> Greetings everyone... wanted to send and share the
> information provided
> below... as it may be informative to those who are
> direct marketing
> their crops/commodities. USDA does not subsidize
> this type of
> insurance... but it is often asked-about. 
>     Oklahoma City, OK: Midlands Management announced
> the launch of its
> Sustainable Farm Insurance Program, a first of it's
> kind multi-line
> insurance program designed to meet the unique needs
> of agricultural
> producers following sustainable farming practices.
> Underwritten by
> Markel Insurance Company of Glen Allen Virginia, the
> program was
> developed after significant field research
> facilitated by the
> Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable
> Agriculture.
> Said James W. Hutchin, a Director of Midlands
> Management and Temple
> University Professor, "Sustainable farmers,
> agri-entrepreneurs, are
> committed to a set of operating principles and
> behaviors that make them
> a better risk. And, by changing the now traditional
> chain of commerce
> with innovations such as CSA's (Community Supported
> Agriculture), these
> fine farmers are also creating risks existing farm
> insurance policies do
> not always respond to adequately. The Sustainable
> Farm Insurance Program
> is a product that does two things, it recognizes the
> preferred
> underwriting this sort of farm should receive, and
> it provides the
> coverage really needed by those undertaking, among
> other things, direct
> sales to the public."
> Brian Snyder, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania
> Association for
> Sustainable Agriculture, better known as PASA, added
> that "The status of
> agriculture is changing quickly in our country. As
> many farmers move
> away from traditional commodity programs in favor of
> producing high
> quality food products in a way that protects the
> environment and
> supports rural communities, it is fitting that they
> should get special
> treatment from their insurance company. These
> farmers are working hard
> to reduce risk in so many ways, for all of us."
> Founded in 1992, PASA is
> one of the largest sustainable ag membership
> organizations in America,
> with members concentrated in the Mid-Atlantic region
> and to a lesser
> extent throughout the country. PASA's mission is to
> promote profitable
> farms that produce healthy food for all people while
> respecting the
> natural environment.
> For more information on the program, visit
> <> , or call
> Roger Park at 800
> 800-4007. Midlands Management Corporation is a
> Managing General Agency
> supporting America's Insurance Agency System through
> the development and
> distribution of innovative products.
> Jo Lynne Seufer, Risk Management Specialist
> USDA/Risk Management Agency
> Spokane Regional Office
> 112 North University, #205
> Spokane, WA 99206
> (509)353-2147 Office
> (509)998-6902 Gov't Cell
> (509)353-3149 Fax
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