The Great Lakes Fruit and Vegetable show is coming up Dec 5-7th and that
Thursday, Dec 7 is "Organic Day". If you would like to share some
experiences, your farm or experiments you have done on your farm this is
your chance to share with other farmers and get into the show for





>>>> Poster title(s), full authorship, and the name and mail/email

>>>> addresses of the presenting author (i.e., the person to receive the

>>>> complimentary Expo registration) need to be received by David

>>>> Epstein via email ([log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>) by

>>>> Friday, November 24. The order for poster boards will be placed on

>>>> Monday, Nov 27, so we must have the final number of posters to be

>>>> presented recorded by this time. The final list of presenting

>>>> authors to receive complimentary registration will also be

>>>> presented to the Expo registration service by Nov 27.


> The original call for posters with all poster session details is

> included, below.

> *

> *

> * To: Fruit and Vegetable Research and Extension Scientists --- Please

> forward to all others of potential interest!*

>>>> From: David Epstein, Expo Poster Session Coordinator -- 2006 Great

>>>> Lakes Fruit, Vegetable, & Farm Market Expo, Grand Rapids

>>>> Subject: Expo Poster Sessions


>>> The 2006 Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable & Farm Market EXPO is

>>> scheduled for December 5-7 at DeVos Place Convention Center. The

>>> poster session is an extremely valuable part of the Expo as a means

>>> of showcasing your research and extension information and meeting

>>> one-on-one with Expo attendees, many of who have had a stake in

>>> financially supporting our MAES and MSUE efforts. The poster session

>>> location in the Grand Concourse of the DeVos Convention Center

>>> provides a high visibility area through which all Expo attendees

>>> pass sooner or later.


>>>> Also, remember that *poster contributors now get complimentary

>>>> registration** for the presenting author*. Additionally, there is a

>>>> special registration fee of only $5 each for all other participants

>>>> having an MSU I.D. - faculty, staff, extension agents, graduate and

>>>> undergraduate students, etc.


>>>> *Please send your poster title(s), full authorship, and the name

>>>> and mail/email addresses of the presenting author *(i.e., the

>>>> person to receive the complimentary Expo registration) to me via

>>>> email ([log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>) *by NOVEMBER 17

>>>> (or sooner, if possible),* so that we can assure that there is

>>>> enough space for everyone, can pre-assign poster board sites and

>>>> host times (see below), and can provide a list, map, and schedule

>>>> for attendees to use during the Expo. *I need the presenter(s) name

>>>> and address in a timely fashion* so that Expo organizers can

>>>> prepare the complimentary registrations appropriately*. We cannot

>>>> guarantee space and complimentary registrations for last-minute

>>>> submissions.***

>>>> **

>>>> *Also, please indicate a specific date and time (**at least 1 hour,

>>>> but which day and time during the Expo is your choice**) during

>>>> which you will be available to answer questions about your work.*

>>>> *If space becomes limited, we will have to give priority to those

>>>> who commit at least one of the authors to be present during their

>>>> chosen time.* Certainly, you can spend more than an hour, or can

>>>> host your poster at more than one time, or have various authors

>>>> host the poster over the course of the Expo, but we need a

>>>> commitment of at least one hour to place on the list/map/schedule

>>>> of posters that is expected to be included in each Expo attendees'

>>>> registration information.

>>>> The poster area will be set up with backboards on which you can pin

>>>> your posters. Each poster (you may have more than one) will be

>>>> allotted a 4 x 4 ft poster area, as in scientific meetings. If, for

>>>> any reason, you have a conflict arise for your self-scheduled time

>>>> to host the poster, *please indicate prominently on your poster the

>>>> revised or additional day(s) and time(s) that you will be

>>>> available*. Attendees also have noted that they particularly

>>>> appreciate it when posters are accompanied by a folder or envelope

>>>> containing pertinent brochures, reprints, or 8.5x11" copies of the

>>>> poster, providing an excellent way for your clientele to retain the

>>>> "take home" message of your efforts. Also, please indicate on your

>>>> poster the contact information for the corresponding author(s),

>>>> including email addresses and/or office phone numbers so that you

>>>> can be reached regarding any follow-up inquiries.

>>>> All are invited to present as many pertinent posters as they wish;

>>>> however, please also note that *if you have been funded during 2006

>>>> by the Michigan State Horticultural Society Trust Fund, you are

>>>> required** to present the results of your project in either a

>>>> scheduled oral session **or as a poster**.** * Commercial products,

>>>> advertising, and reports developed by commercial companies will not

>>>> be allowed as a poster (that is why we have exhibit hall space). We

>>>> are hoping to have the poster area set up by late Monday afternoon

>>>> so that early birds can put up their posters prior to Tuesday

>>>> morning; at the latest, please have your poster up by mid-morning

>>>> on Tuesday. *Please plan to keep your poster up from Tuesday

>>>> through the end of the program sessions on Thursday*. We will be

>>>> collecting all posters at the end of the Expo on Thursday for

>>>> return to their authors, so *you should not remove your poster

>>>> prematurely *even if you cannot be present on Thursday to take it

>>>> down. *All collected posters will be available for pick-up in Room

>>>> B18, National Food Safety and Toxicology Center, MSU campus, after

>>>> the Expo.***


>>>> Please note the suggestions below regarding content and manner of

>>>> poster presentations to achieve the greatest impact in this forum:


>>>> 1 - Growers attending the meeting have limited viewing time.

>>>> 2 - Make your poster colorful with plenty of photos and summary

>>>> graphs, and less text.

>>>> 3 - Information presented in text form should be in a large font

>>>> readable from several feet away.

>>>> 4 - Focus on presenting the highlights of the work or story.

>>>> What type of content is appropriate for a poster presentation at

>>>> the Expo:

>>>> 1 - Results of extension, demonstration, and research work.

>>>> 2 - Summaries, from previous articles or scientific publications,

>>>> transformed into posters.

>>>> 3 - Previously presented posters from other scientific and industry

>>>> meetings.

>>>> 4 - Michigan State Hort. Society Trust Fund project reports.

>>>> 5 - Updated or revised extension advisories.

>>>> 6 - Institutional promotional literature.


>>>> The Expo poster session is of critical importance to the program,

>>>> because we have a very limited number of hours of educational

>>>> programming; therefore, oral presentation timeslots are

>>>> insufficient to communicate all that we do during the course of the

>>>> year for our clientele industries and stakeholders. The Expo poster

>>>> session compensates for the limited time, providing institutional

>>>> researchers and extension agents an opportunity to share their

>>>> timely information. We look forward to learning of your work and

>>>> projects at this year's session!





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