Keep That Rhetoric Flowing
The ongoing static of an approaching election continued today with the following * One United Michigan (OUM), the coalition opposing Proposal 2, will be holding a news conference Thursday with local law enforcement officials claiming passage of the proposal would hurt law enforcement efforts. 

Proposal 2, also called the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI), would prohibit governmental agencies, including colleges and universities, from operating affirmative action programs based on race, ethnicity and gender. 

Those expected to speak at the news conference include: Lansing Police Chief Mark ALLEY, Lansing Township Police Chief Kay HOFFMAN, Detroit Assistant Police Chief Barden JACKSON, Pittsfield Township Police Chief John PHILLIPS, Former Supreme Court Justice and U. S. District Court Judge Patricia BOYLE, Lansing Mayor Virg BERNERO and Washtenaw County Prosecutor Brian MACKIE. 

Meanwhile, Ward CONNERLY, head of the American Civil Rights Institute (AMCI), the major financial force behind Proposal 2, issued a statement today claiming Linda CHAVEZ-THOMPSON, executive Vice President of the AFL-CIO, literally attempted to put words in his mouth. 

In a news release titled "OUM Continues Their deceptive campaign," Connerly said he was responding to "lies" in an Oct. 24 news release, in which Chavez-Thompson is quoted saying, "I hear Ward Connerly says giving women equal opportunity is a zero sum game...that every time a woman advances, a man is held back." 

"This is outright false," Connerly said. "I have never made that statement and I challenge Mrs. Chavez-Thompson to produce her source." Connerly said. 

On another front, House Democrats issued a news release today claiming Republicans are "hypocrites" for taking 65th House District Democratic candidate Mike SIMPSON to task for supporting Proposal 5, the so-called K-16 ballot proposal.