We recently launched a blog called Diversity Advantage.  Diversity
Advantage is an informative blog written by a team of top experts in
diversity and staffing. Readers are provided with commentary, case
studies, practical advice and insight, news and interviews. The blog
provides readers with the information, tools and other resources
they need to succeed with diversity recruitment and retention.

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In additional to over 25 commentaries and news stories, inaugural
articles posted include:

~The Profitability of Diversity Staffing
~Gaining Middle Management Buy-in to The Success of Your Diversity
~The Role of White Males in Improving Diversity
~Maximizing Diversity Council Effectiveness
~Measurement as a Critical Component of your Organization's Diversity
~Recruitment, Retention and Results: The 3 R's of Diversity
~Embrace Diversity to Build Effective Teams
~The 7 Deadly Sins of Diversity Recruitment
~EEOC is Watching
~Driving Diversity in Large Law Firms
~Designing Accountability into Diversity and Inclusion Strategies
~What Straight, White Guys Don't Get About Diversity & Why
~Will Your Campus Diversity Initiative Work?
~Diversity: A Capitalist's Dream
~10 Steps to Finding and Hiring Diversity and High-Demand Candidates
~Implicit Prejudice Unconsciously Colors Our World
~Can a Middle-Aged, White, Straight Guy Teach Diversity Classes?
~Developing an Organizational Change Plan in Diversity
~Diverse Student Bodies, Diverse Faculties
~Tech article
~ Plus, over 25 additional news stories and commentaries

You can access these articles on Diversity Advantage at:

Upcoming Articles Include:
~Interviewing for Cultural Competency
~The Challenge of Diversity in a Global Environment
~Is Cognitive Style a Barrier to Inclusion in Higher Education
~Attracting & Retaining Tax Professionals
~How to Diversify the Faculty

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