Dr. Tom Coon, Director of MSU Extension asked me to forward this to the organic listserv readers. If you use barley straw in your ponds it would be great if you could respond.


Vicki Morrone
Subject: Barley Straw study/survey


Dear Dr. Coon,
    My name is Felicity Francis and I am a graduate student at Hood College
in Frederick, Maryland.  To complete my Master's degree in Environmental
Biology, I am working on a project to gauge the effectiveness of barley
straw as an algistatic agent in aquatic environments.  I am trying to locate
aquatic managers or others who have used barley straw and would be willing
to complete a survey to gauge the success of this method in controlling
algae.  I am hoping you may have information and/or contacts that will
assist me in completing this project.   The survey can be sent
electronically or via the postal service. Along with this email address,
other contact information is as follows:
Felicity Francis
2 Hill Circle
Round Hill, VA 20141
Home phone:  540-338-4828
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    Thank you for your attention to this matter.  I am looking forward to
hearing from you.


Felicity Francis

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