Subject: RE: expereince and availability of a fogger sprayer??


Patrick,  We use a back pack power spayer from Stilh which we have had
for 15-20 years.  We use fish & seaweed for  our plants & fruit trees.
You can adjust the power & rate.  Costly at about $500., but it does a
terrific job & is reliable.  Maybe one of the Stilh dealers would rent
you one to try.

Good luck.    Nancy Jones Keiser


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	Subject: expereince and availability of a fogger sprayer??
	Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 15:34:15 -0400

	Dear Growers, 

	The manager of the student farm, Jeremy Moghtader asked me to
help out if I could. Well we do have a listserv and perhaps some of you
have experience with foggers, may like to rent one or could share your
experience with Patrick at Earthworks garden in Detroit. Here is his
note. Please send him your advice through the listserv and he will
receive it. Or if you prefer you can email him directly at and make it attn Patrick.


	Hope someone can help him out.






	this is Patrick at earthworks in detroit. 


	I have a little problem, and was hoping you or John might be 


	able to guide me in the proper direction. 




	I have a serious outbreak of aphids in my asparagus.  now, I


	just let things work themselves out and don't worry to much as 


	I feel like spraying tends to just cause more problems, but its


	the third year, and my research leads me to think that since 


	the plants are so young it could cause there long term


	to suffer, and there are just a ton, a ton of aphids. 




	Since the foliage of the asparagus is so dense and lush (likely 


	part of the reason for such huge outbreak) using a sprayer


	really work.  I need one of them backpack foggers. 




	so the first question is do you know if there is some sort of
list serve or something 


	that I could post a request to borrow one.  or is there a
farmers co-op that rents them.  I 


	would really prefer that it not have been used by conventional
growers though. 




	and second I was thinking it might be best to just buy one,
since I'm certain I'll have 


	to make 3 or 4 apps to get everything in check.  plus I suspect
it would be a handy thing 


	to have around since we have a good number of fruit plants that
I'm just waiting to start having 


	problems of some sort.  I can't afford one of the really fancy
ones, even if I could it seems sort of silly to have such a powerful one
for such a small operation.  I was looking at something a little
cheaper, and was wondering if you had an experience with them.  I just
don't want to 


	get something that's a total piece of crap.  see example here 






	thanks for all you time and help, and if you know nothing could
you pass this on to someone who could.  hope your season is going well. 






	M. Patrick Crouch 


	Greenhouse Manager / Field Coordinator 


	Earthworks Garden Project, Detroit, MI 



	Vicki Morrone

	Organic Vegetable and Crop Outreach Specialist

	Michigan State University

	C.S. Mott Sustainable Food Systems

	303 Natural Resources Bldg.

	East Lansing, MI 48824


	517-282-3557 (cell)

	517-353-3834 (fax)


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