Dear Colleague:


I want to bring you up to date on the Council's response to the
announcement in the Federal Register on July 3 regarding the
of Education's attempt to impose new restrictions on student
for Upward Bound.  COE views this attempt by the Department as
illegitimate - an encroachment on both Congressional and institutional
authority - that must be stopped.  We believe this proposal is simply
another attack by the Bush Administration in its efforts to kill


Since the publication of the announcement, the Council has been
with Congress, as well as with the major higher education associations
to oppose implementation of this priority.  We are pleased to report
that our arguments have been very well received.  Like us, many
of Congress and representatives of the higher education associations,
see this attempt by the Department as both egregious and dangerous. 
the Department is successful with Upward Bound, it sets a precedent to
impose additional eligibility requirements - however unreasonable -
any Title IV program, including the remaining TRIO programs, Pell,
GEAR-UP, loans and work-study.


It is critical that the following steps are taken immediately:


1)       If you are an Upward Bound staff member, identify those
students currently in your program who would not have been served if
this priority had been in effect at the time of their admission to
Upward Bound.  Ask them and their parents or guardians to write their
Senators and Congressman/Congresswoman and ask them to oppose this

2)       If you are an Upward Bound staff members, identify those
who were enrolled in your program who would not have been served if
priority had been in effect.  Ask them to write their elected
representatives in Washington to oppose this priority.

3)       All TRIO directors should inform the senior administrators at
your institution regarding this problem.  Ask them to write their
Senators and Representatives opposing this priority.


Should you have any questions or need additional assistance, please
contact Heather Valentine ([log in to unmask]) or Bob Kearley
[log in to unmask]).  We will keep you updated throughout the




Arnold L. Mitchem



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