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Sustainable  Agriculture News Briefs - June 14,  2006

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_Genetically Engineered Chicken Announced by Biotech  Company_ 
The biotech company  Origen Theraputics has announced its development of a 
genetically  engineered chicken that can carry a gene for a new trait into  
perpetuity, says an article in The Mercury News. The  company made its 
announcement in the journal Nature.  According to the article, this development could 
turn chickens into  "feathered medicine factories," as generations of chickens 
continue  to produce eggs with theraputic contents, such as cancer-fighting  
antibodies. "This work addresses a major biomedical issue—how to  produce 
antibody-based medicines in an easy, cost-effective way,"  said one of the project's 
funders in a press  release.

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