Passing this on from Organic Valley in case anyone is interested...

Farm Friends, Circle Up!

Organic Valley Family of Farms is proud to co-sponsor a new online 
forum for the discussion of all things organic. Sustain360 is a 
grassroots community that invites a full circle of opinions to be 

The list of sponsor organizations is a veritable who's 
who in the organic and sustainability scene, including The Organic 
Center, Environmental Working Group,, Farm Aid, Slow 
Food, Chefs Collaborative, Beyond Pesticides, Organic Valley, Holistic 
Moms Network, and Children's Health Environmental Coalition. Each of 
these respected groups is dedicated to promoting sustainability through 
an exchange of ideas. And we need your participation to get it rolling.

Go to to exchange ideas with an ever-widening group 
of people. Together we will make positive changes in the world through 
sustainable lifestyle choices.

We're Groundbreaking A Site for You

Sustain360 is designed to be whatever you, the contributor, want it to 
be! Current topics include:
        Organic Cooking and Dining: Chew on this!
       Parents of Organic - Plus organic fun for kids
       Organic Lifestyle: Household, wardrobe, garden, village, globe
       Organic economics: Stretch your organic dollar
       Organic Activism
       Festivals and Events
       Organic Farming: Learn it, share it, live it!

Be an Organic Forum Pioneer!

Sustain360 is just a little sprout now, and we need you to make it 
grow. Circle over to and join today!

  The Farmers and Staff of Organic Valley

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