At my place we have medium deer pressure as they keep building homes near by and moving the deer.  I do not shoot critters so that is not an option.  I too have used electric fence from day 1 of my garden and orchard.  I chose this system after researching the topic through news articles and word of mouth. After this I concluded I needed electric fence.  It does not kill the animals or injure them, I do not have to “catch them in the act”, it keeps them out and my veggies and fruit safe while the animals can still be nearby.  This is my 6th  year with the fence. I use electric vs solar as I need the electric to work year around in the orchard. (I worry if there is low solar in winter the battery could die and I won’t realize it till too late). I have not had any problems with deer or raccoons or other shorter critters and I see them digging in the compost 10 feet from the veg garden so I know they are very active in the area.


I have had very good luck with the company  Premier 1 and they have fence for many scenarios and cost and some more permanent than others.  Here is their WEB site.  They are very happy to talk to you about your situation, deer pressure and type of fence you may wish to buy, THEY ARE very LOW PRESSURE sales people-full of help and experience they are willing to share, which is wonderful!!


Also I found a good article in Mother News that explains the electric fence and how it works well. Here is that site:   They give other companies that sell electric fence too.


Vicki Morrone

Organic Vegetable and Crop Outreach Specialist

Michigan State University

C.S. Mott Sustainable Food Systems

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Electric fence works the best for all these critters. I've heard that blood

meal does work but it stinks to high heaven. Good fertiilzer too


A farm I inspected up in the UP really had deer problems with their sweet

corn until they used the electric fence. A low wire  (~1 foot off the

ground)  for raccoons and skunks and groundhogs and another one about 3 feet

and another one about 4 feet just out in front of the the other two. We

wouldn't get any sweet corn if it weren't for the electric fence. If the

single wires do not stop the raccoons then use electro-netting available

from sheep and goat supplies. These particular producers had a fence about

10 feet high with high tensile wire because the deer got accustomed to

jumping over the lower wires.



Put tabs of aluminum foil on the outside wire to attract attention to the

deer and they will touch their noses to it  out of curiosity and get a good

jolt and will stay away. They will run through the wire if they do not have

a fear of it.


I've also heard that human hair and droppings from lions and tigers (from

the zoo) work really well as repellants.


We use poly wire which is easier to stretch and tie rather than straight

17-19 gauge  electric fence wire.


Good luck


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> Soes anyone know of a certified source of blood or bone meal in a

> quantity?


> Does anyone have experience using either as an animal deterrent?  The

> deer,

> racoons, skunks, fox, and turkeys are plentiful on our farm.  We can get a

> permit to shoot the deer, but would prefer not to.


> We have been using Hortonava trellis over heads of lettuce, but we are

> running out, and that doesn't work for cabbage, broccoli, beans, or

> watermelons.  Any advice about suggested controls would be appreciated.



> Susan Houghton

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