This is a little more detail on how our "state reps" voted and
reasoning. Please send your opinion to the govern this week.
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Subject: MIRS Article Seed Bill on its way to Gov
Seed Bill En Route To Granholm
Some Senate Republicans voted against the caucus on a bill that would
prohibit local governments from regulating genetically engineered seeds.

Most Senators voted in favor of Track this Bill
lPTIwMDUtU0ItMDc3Nw==>  SB 0777
0777> , which was introduced by Sen. Gerald VAN WOERKOM
<>  (R-Muskegon),
because it leaves seed regulation in the hands of the federal

Republican Sens. Patty BIRKHOLZ
<>  (R-Saugatuck Twp.), Bill
HARDIMAN <>  (R-Kentwood) and
Nancy CASSIS <>  (R-Novi)
voted against the bill. 

Hardiman and Cassis said they voted against the bill, which they
originally voted in favor of, because of a House amendment that would
allow local governments to talk to the agriculture commission to maybe
get a certain seed prohibited. 

Cassis said she didn't like the amendment because it would take local
control away from local governments and would pit the Farm Bureau
against townsh ips. Hardiman agreed. 

The bill passed 24-12. Several Democrats, including Liz BRATER
<>  (D-Ann Arbor), Hansen
CLARKE <>  (D-Detroit), Bob
EMERSON <>  (D-Flint), Martha
G. SCOTT <>  (D-Highland
Park), Gilda JACOBS <>
(D-Huntington Woods), Buzz THOMAS
<>  (D-Detroit), Deb CHERRY
<>  (D-Burton), Ray
BASHAM <>  (D-Taylor) and
Gretchen WHITMER <>  (D-East
Lansing) joined the three Republicans in their dissent. 

The opposition to Track this Bill
lPTIwMDUtU0ItMDc3Nw==>  SB 0777
0777>  has frequently said that the federal government's regulation
standards aren't strict enough. The bill is headed to the Governor.