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Michigan State University is part of a three-state effort with University of Illinois and Purdue University to pool their expertise on agroecology and organic practices at one readily accessible web site. The information is further enhanced through a partnership with experienced organic growers in the three states.

You can read the seasonal bi-weekly newsletter (started April 12) that contains articles and reports from the growers and university personnel at the New Agriculture Network:  Twice a month through conference phone calls, nine organic growers share crop updates and advice with Extension personnel to generate information at the web site. Growers and university specialists write articles about a variety of practices and new findings useful for organic growers or those wishing to transition to organics. The result is an on-line newsletter with a library of resources that can be read on the Internet, searched, or printed and distributed.

If you have any questions, suggestions for articles or would like to participate in the toll-free, bi-weekly conference call please contact Vicki Morrone, MSU extension specialist at 517-432-3542 or email at [log in to unmask]



Vicki Morrone

Organic Vegetable and Crop Specialist

C.S. Mott Group for Sustainable Food Systems

CARRS Departent of Community, Agriclture, Recreation and Resource Studies

Phone: 517-353-3542

Cell: 517-282-3557

E-Mail:  [log in to unmask] 

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