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     Conference Notice

August 23-25, 2006, 1st IFOAM International Conference on Animals in Organic Production.  This conference will focus on important issues concerning organic livestock and animal husbandry. It will concentrate upon health and food safety in organic livestock production systems, marketing trends, innovation in organic livestock production systems and livestock breeding strategies. Key figures from around the world will present the diversity of organic livestock systems, including opportunities and challenges on the horizon. University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN.  Details available from IFOAM web site as they are developed. http://www.ifoam.org/events/ifoam_conferences/IFOAM_Animal_Production_Conference.html


 Organic Information Resources- PLEASE OFFER YOUR INPUT to help promote Mi-based organic info

If you are looking for a WEB site that contains production and marketing and certification information for ORGANIC production in one site you may want to take on look at this site. The WEB site is: http://www.organicaginfo.org/

·        If you like this site perhaps we could use it as Michigan’s base for organic information and begin to build our resources here. PEASE take a look and see what you think. Please send your feed back to MICH-ORGANIC listserv (hit reply all on your email) or send it to Vicki Morrone (hit reply)

Please let me know if you have any ideas how we can build this interaction. They will also include our site. I am waiting for some guidance on getting a password as the system blocked me and our MSU computer staff said it was a problem on their end, so I await their guidance.



Great Lakes Region Organic and Sustainable Ag Newsletter.

Here is a compilation of research, experiences and resources of a joint venture from Michigan State University, Illinois and Indiana State University farmers and researchers. It is a bi-weekly, during the growing season newsletter and conference call, New Ag Network. This is a resource about organic and sustainable agriculture production. The newsletter is comprised of input from organic growers and researchers. This week’s theme is soybean rust and the last issue focused on the trends and economics of marketing of organic products and integrated weed management. Take a look at the newsletter at Web site at: http://www.ipm.msu.edu